Winter Wonderland at Lake TwentyTwo

I just came back from a lovely trip to Seattle, Washington a few weeks ago (more on that later!) and one of the highlights of the week was an awesome hike to Lake 22. Whenever I go to a new place, I think that going on a hike is always a great way to explore the landscape and get a feel for what everything’s about. So, after consuming an absurd amount of food in the prior days and feeling like we needed some exercise, my friends and I made the trip out to Lake 22, which lies about a 45-minute/1 hour drive away from Seattle.

After a quick Starbucks run, we began the drive out! Breakfast sandwiches in hand, we marveled at the awesome scenery that greeted us on the way. It seemed to be a very typical Seattle-esque winter day – somewhat dreary, foggy, and drizzly. However, it seemed almost magical as we drove through the forest. Arriving at the trailhead, we were impressed with how well the signage was, despite supposedly being closed for the season.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 3.34.44 PM

Lake 22 Trailhead Marker

Despite chilly temperatures, my friends and I jumped out of the car ready to go! Everything was incredibly well-marked and the trail was maintained – there was no way you could get lost. As we climbed in elevation, it became more snowy and icy, causing us to slip and slide all over the place. If you go during inclement weather, I’d highly recommend bringing a pair of spikes/crampons because the ice became too slippery to walk on the way up!

After nearly 3 miles of slipping and sliding, the arrived at the lake! It was one of those views that you can’t really see until you turn a corner, and boy were we in shock! It absolutely looked like a postcard of some sort of Bob Ross winter painting. We could even hear huge chunks of snow and rock falling in the distance amidst an otherwise absolute silence. It reminded me of almost a grander version of Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 3.44.55 PM

Luckily, there was a little trail that went around the lake that we got to explore. We saw the lake from nearly every angle and took tons of photos! Since there was nearly no one around us, I had to dig out a section of snow to prop my phone up to take a photo of all three of us! We spent nearly an hour at the lake taking in all of the gorgeous scenery before heading down.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 3.45.30 PM

For those looking for something outdoorsy to do in Seattle that’s not too far away – I would highly recommend this hike! It was around 5 or 6 miles round trip and not too strenuous if you have the proper footwear. However, I would not bring kids or animals in the winter due to the huge amounts of snow and ice. It was quintessentially PNW and I hope to come back in the summer – I’m sure it looks a whole lot different!

Do you have any favorite winter hikes in the Seattle area? Let me know in the comments!

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